Java portal and JUG unite

After 8 years of Java Portal and work very close to the community and other portals, we decided it is time for a union between the Java Portal forum and the forum of our portal brother, .
Thus, all messages and users will be contained within the without losing track of important discussions here locked.
The Portaljava site will be redesigned to give base who want to start with Java, to update and follow the path of the community.
I want to thank everyone who supported us during this period and helped in any way to keep the PJ: Paul Jeveaux, Matheus Dutra, Juliano Carniel, Erko Bridee, Michela Limaco, William M. Nascimento, RafaelCarneiro, Ruben Azenha, Rodrigo Urubatan, Daniel Badawi Rafael CAssolato, among many others.

Released First release of Openbravo POS tropical conditions

Has just made available the first release of the tropicalized version of the open source POS Openbravo POS. The work done by the staff IT Totem aims to adapt the project to the Brazilian reality, especially with regard to fiscal printing and EFT (electronic funds transfer).
Openbravo POS is a Spanish project, developed in Java for the desktop, which makes multi-platform, suitable for use with touch screens and various business automation peripherals.
More information can be found in the site design.

Google Java API – Host your application on Google

With Google App Engine for Java you can build web applications with Java and run on scalable google structure.
The Java environment has Java 6, Java Servlets, access to App Engine Data and Services Bank with JDO, JPA, JavaMail and JCache .
You can also download the  Google Plugin for Eclipse  to debug code in Eclipe before making deploy on Google. Google Web Toolkit  (GWT) is also supported